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Health and freedom

Two words which are so significant, however...

Health :  lt is time to take control of it! It is a matter of being able to live life to its fullest.

Freedom : In our lifestyle and maximize this quality of life.

Since May 1996, we have been associated with the USANA Health Sciences, specialists in research and development in nutritionnal science.

· They are the leaders in cellular technology, assisting in the prevention of degenerative diseases; they possess the ultimate approach in weight control.

· USANA has brought the science of nutrition to a medicaI recognition through the development, the manufacturing and the marketing of the most advanced nutritional system on earth.

· lt is also the company which offers the most lucrative, productive and fairest compensation plan in all of the Relational Marketing Industry.

After one year with Usana, we were able to provide for our financial needs without any other source of revenue, while at the same time benefiting from the fantastic results in combatting allergies, and controlling chronic fatigue-fibrornyalgia.

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