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Having worked in the nursing realm in a hospital for several years, Michel soon realized that he was involved in the sickness industry rather than the health industry! After coming to grips with the fact that there was no hope of advancement nor any place for personal development in this field, he knew he was in a dead end job and began searching for an alternative to his dilema. That's when USANA came his way.

As for Suzanne, she was suffering from chronic fatigue-fibromyalgia which inhibited her from functioning normally in her day to day life, and therefore, could not care for her three sons as she would have liked to.

After having heard the tremendous testimony of a friend who was using the USANA nutritionals, and having attended a conference given by Dr Myron Wentz, founder of Usana, Michel and Suzanne were convinced of the integrity of the company.

" In all the years that we have been interested in good nutrition and in good health, we had never seen anything so balanced, complete, simplified and effective. We were amazed by the potency of the products, We were also very impressed by the high level af scientific reseach led by Usana to produce them."

Because of the extraordinary synergy, purity and quality control, to which the products are submitted, Usana is ahead of any other nutritional system that exists anywhere.

" Our enthusiasm naturally rnanifests itself by a desire to see our friends and acquaintances have the same privilege of experimenting the benefits of the products as well as the extraordinary possibitity of revenue that comes along with it. It is definitely an outstanding way to generate a very important source of revenue which goes beyond our wildest dreams, while concretely helping people all around us."

Thus, Michel was able to gradually quit his job and start giving more and more of his time to his new passion: helping people to protect themselves against degenerative diseases while also helping them reach their financial goals.

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